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Ellen Heise

Blue Reflection of Clear Sky

Sweet and Quiet Life Poem of Spring The Moment Before Sunset The Last Moment of Sunset
Greenish Field Whisper of Silk Brook Clear Brook Color of Spring Quiet Mind Heavenly Moment
To Remember the Most... Music in the Nature Softly Sing the Joyful Lovely... The Crystal Clear Brook Quietly Whispering... Colorful Landfrom, Romantic Whisper The Crystal Clear Brook... Leisure, Passion Life
Love in the Sunset The Warm Morning Sunshine... Poetry, Paintery in Life The Last Moment of Sunset The Lovely Sunset The Field of Spring The Friendship

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As I journey so far away from my hometown in Taiwan, I battle never ending homesickness. My paintings are a reflection of the memory of my culture and traditions, my feelings and concerns for the disappearence of nature and landscape. As a painter, I try to recapture the loss in nature to my canvas to remind myself and my audience that whatever we have lost is very hard to restore.

My art is a combination of my memories, dreams and fantasies of my Chinese roots, culture, the influence of western art and history, and my love and passion for nature. This series "Spring Time in Northern California," is my statement, as an artist, to remind all viewers to appreciate what have now in nature and to maintain how it is for many generations to come.