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Marilynn Jennings

Air Fire Water Earth
Lightness of Being Spark of Passion Dancing on Water Ancestral Ground
Red Sky Emerging Canyon Lands Terra Confluence
Windswept Portal Tribal Rhythms Opening Desert Hues Unfolding Distant Horizon
Earth Rhythm West Window Limelight Breakthrough Sunset Farewell


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Exploration of color and contrast has been a focus of my work for over three decades. My initial expermination with color began in weaving textiles and creating unique three-dimensional designs with fiber wrapped cylinders. During the 1980's I worked with architects and interior designers in Northern California and Arizona to create installation pieces for public buildings and private offices.

The inspiration for the fiber cylinders came form my interest in discovering a way to capture the purity of color that existed on the loom before the warp threads were woven. The process of wrapping the individual fibers on the cylinders is time consuming; however the result is dynamic. The fibers used are an array of colors and textures ranging from rayon, cotton, wool, and silk to novelty yarns. The cylinders can be placed in various configurations: vertical, horizontal as well as diagonal. The spacing and positioning of the individual cylinders creates a unique and varied design.

In the 1990's my attention shifted from my artistic endeavors to pursuing a professional career as a licensed Psychotherapist. Throughout the years, I have studied color therapy and ways in which color creates a mood in the environment and in the viewer.

In my ongoing interest to create beauty and form, I have revisited my passion for color by taking my palette to the canvas. The oil and acrylic paintings I create are inspired by nature, form and movement. The focus of my current work is an interplay of color and line that creates a dialogue between the painting and the adjacent cylindrical forms. The paintings are both geometric and lyrical, evoking the senses, memories, and imagination of the viewer