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Lewis Jones

2 Hummingbirds & Penstemen Hummingbird & Acacia Peregin Falcon & Dove White Crested Sparrow & Flowers Bark Quail
Egret & Canvasbacks 2 Kestrals Mandrin Great Blue Heron & Water Lily 3 Mergansers Egret & Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron & Avocets
2 Hummingbirds & Dogwood   Gold Finches Warbler Hummingbird & Long Choya Hummingbird & Bogonia  


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Lewis is a self taught artist specializing in the mediums of scratchboard and airbrush. Early in his career he chose wildlife as his art focus. He treasures all his encounters with wildlife and hopes that his love of nature is revealed in his art.

Lewis has banded ducks for the California Department of Fish and Game. He has created fiber-glass life size models of sharks found in the San Francisco Bay. He even spent some time nuturing and watching over an orphaned, California Black Bear Cub.