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Bruce King / Aerial Photography

After The Rain Lost on a Cloud Sutter Buttes North
Snow Geese Over Chico Water Fowl in Rice Fields Aerial Colusa in Fall
Ducks Spring Flight Swans with Moon Snow Geese in Rice Fields Cranes
Snow Geese with Plane Ducks Ross Geese Ducks Swans
Winter Drought Evening Rain Sutter Buttes Mt Shasta Evening Light Castle Crags


I like shooting waterfowl and landscapes from a small plane. My speciality is producing large panoramic photos shot from the air. I hand stitch or use software to merge two or more (up to 31) photos together into one.

I enjoy flying alongside birds at about the same airspeed as they fly. Using a telephoto lens to get close-ups of the birds; I like to watch their reactions to the weather, the wind, and my airplane. If I fly as slow as I can, they seem mostly unbuttered by my presence, but some days they react as if I am an eagle! You never can predict their reactions which is what makes my subjects so challenging.

When I see the "sweet light" as a mix of clouds and rain, I know I have a chance of getting the perfect lighting of the land below. The hard part is getting to my plane, climbing to altitude, positioning the plane in just the right spot, and then getting a series of shots before the light disappears. I love the challenge aerial photography presents.