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Harry Koenig

Birds Bowl & Hearts Bird & Box
Spoons & Fork Maple Bowl Table Spoons & Bowl Salad Tongs
  Serving Tray w/ Forks Bowl & Box Cutting Board  


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These hand carved wooden bowls, boxes, hearts, spoons, birds, and platters are made to hold.  Each unique design is brought forth from the natural patterns in the hardwood by local craftsman, Harry Koenig.  His designs are functional as well as flowing, reflecting his background in building.

What calls to him are the patterns in the grain which tell the fortunes of a tree- where stress places create character.  A burl for instance, reflects the story of a tree's weathered growth.  Yet, under the woodworker's hand this burl may yield up a sea of shimmers and highlights.

He begins with the search for beautiful wood, often found near his home outside Chico, California.  Drawn to the golden tones of claro or black walnut, the honey swirls of wild cherry, or the fire in a hand picked maple burl, he chooses woods for their warmth and character, and lets the design emerge.

To call out the character in the grain Koenig begins by roughing out a design, then painstakingly fine-tuning a piece by use of hand chisels.  Hours of scraping elicit the wood's true depth.  His pieces are then hand polished with non-toxic mineral oil for a more functional matte finish, or are sanded and buffed between multiple coats of lacquer until they glow.

"Wood speaks to me," says Harry.  "I don't start with a pattern, but allow a shape to appear beneath my hands."