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On Approval:

Chico Paper Company offers an artwork trial program we call "on approval." If you're interested in collecting a special piece, you're welcome to take it home and try it out. It can be difficult to imagine what a certain piece of artwork will look like in your home. With this service, you can take the guesswork out of the equation. In addition, once the piece is at home you can take your time deciding; maybe show it to your friends and family. Once you are able to view the art in your home we are sure you are going to be much more confident in your choice. If it does not work out and you are not happy, please return the image to us with no strings attatched. We want you to love your Chico Paper Company acquisition and not be uncertain about your decision. For further information contact us at or call (530) 891-0900.



Chico Paper Company offers our art and framing clients pick-up and delivery services in the greater Chico area. Please contact us for details.



Our professionals will be happy to hang your artwork framed by Chico Paper Company. Our experts will be able to help you make decisions about picture height and placement before any nail goes into your newly painted or papered wall.

Composition is everything. A well-balanced wall makes a complete unit. A balanced composition starts from the center and expands out to the right and left. The figures or portraits should all be facing toward center of the composition, so the eye will be drawn to the center. If the artwork is all going in the same direction, try to hang something at the end to bring your eye back to the center. This will counter-balance the direction of the art.

Eye level is a rule of thumb. First, consider how the room is used. Art in the foyer or a hallway should be displayed at eye level. In a dining room, the artwork should be hung slightly lower because it will primarily be viewed from the level of a seated position. Grouped art of similar subject matter makes a unified arrangement, such as grouping architectural engravings on one wall and a botanical grouping on another wall.

Begin the grouping by placing the largest piece in the center and then add pieces to the right and left. Place smaller pieces of similar size on either side. Then work out from there in each direction. The arrangement does not have to be symmetrical, but it should have a grid pattern. When creating a large arrangement, it is best to have the outermost corners aligned so that the perimeter lines of the grouping form a box from top to bottom and right to left. To eliminate the guesswork, first play with the arrangement on the floor. Measure the wall space and then mark out the same amount of space on the floor. This will help you determine the right arrangement and the proper spacing between frames.



Gift Certificates:

For a special gift idea for any occasion, Chico Paper Company is happy to offer gift certificates. A  Chico Paper Company gift certificate is a gift that will continue to be appreciated for many years to come. Gift certificates are suitable for retiring employees, the bride and groom, a holiday gift or a thank you for a job well done. Gifts certificates allow the recipient to choose the frame for their wedding photos, Jake Early Serigraph, fine art or object. They are a great way to say thank you, welcome home or bon voyage. Why not combine a piece of art with a gift certificate for framing?

Please call or visit  to have a gift certificate sent to someone special on your gift list.



Acquiring an extraordinary artwork is one of life's greatest luxuries. A luxury like that doesn't always fit into the budget. At Chico Paper Company we want to do everything possible to make collecting art easy on the pocketbook. All purchases at our gallery can be acquired on an interest free layaway program. For further information please contact us at or call (530) 891-0900.