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The art of Bonsai comes from East Asia, but is practiced all over the world today. Bonsai, (pronounced "bone-sigh") come in many styles, with rules about proportion and form, and with techniques that have been perfected over generations. Nature is the ultimate example for bonsai. Most specimens are trees and must live outdoors to thrive. They can live for many years if properly cared for. Feeding, trimming, and watering are done seasonally, making bonsai a hobby for the patient person.

The basic needs of a Bonsai are the same as for many trees; bonsai need a mild outdoor climate, plenty of water, occasional fertalization, and a proper soil mix. The training and shaping is where the "art" comes into play, but training a bonsai is much simpler than one might think.

Bonsai, like most plants, must live outside, preferably where they receive Eastern light, or partial sun and shade during the heat of the day. Bonsai will do fine indoors for short periods of time, (no more than a week most of the year - slightly longer periods are OK when in winter dormancy) but they must live outdoors for the majority of the time A few varieties are available, however, that will do better for longer indoor periods.