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Carryl Brown
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Japanese Girls Lammy Pie Butterscotch... The Nanny
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I have always been interested in making things and as a child I made my own unusual dolls and fanciful animals. Making jewelry fulfills my need to enter the world of imagination, play, humor and beauty that is my place of comfort and well being.

My work is inspired by nature and I want to express growth and the unfolding of the life process as I plan a piece. I like to make seed pods, leaves, animal images and sometimes use natural materials such as coral, pearls and gem stones in my pieces. I like to give my metal (copper, brass, nickel, silver) a rich patina that gives it an earthly depth and the appearance of oneness with it's source. The polymer clay I use gives me the opportunity to add color of my choice for a lively spirit and can also mimic a natural gem.

Although I discovered polymer clay many years ago and have used it for beads and sculpting figures there are exciting new techniques to use now. I am playing with making three dimensional objects with wire to use for expressing some ideas. Etching the metal is a wonderful way to embellish my pieces with a personally designed texture. I plan to continue to make my little creature pins and pendants that give me so much delight. I love learning new things and plan to continue studying and playing. It nourishes my heart.