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Custom Framing

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Whether you are framing a piece purely for preservation or for decorative display, we can help you with our expert design guidance and unique selection of frames. We work with artists, architects, businesses consultants, contractors, designers, galleries and individuals. Our line of stock mouldings provide cost effective but professional framing solutions. We do all work on-site, and we can offer rush and/or next day services.

Locally owned for 40+ years, Chico Paper Company is one of the few "true" custom framing shops in the area, and are long-standing members of the P.P.F.A. (Professional Picture Framing Association). We offer an extraordinary selection of frames for all types of art. Although the majority of our projects are traditional media on paper or canvas, we are experts at framing over-sized works such as vintage posters, quilts, and speciality items such as textiles and three-dimensional objects. We also frame mirrors for the home. Custom framed mirrors can be made to suit any size, style and finish. Mirrors can be made to many specifications, varying by size, thickness, bevel width and tints, such as antiqued surfaces, bronze, blue, and patterned, to add a period look. We use only quality mirror made in the USA.

Design and Experience:

There are many artistic elements to consider when selecting a frame for your art. Chico Paper Company's design staff members have either Master of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts degrees, as well as a professional photographer on staff. The framing studio is run by an owner with 27 years of custom framing experience, so if you want to know the 'science' behind a particular procedure, we can explain it, but it is our artistic and esthetic experience that set us apart from the typical frame shop. We are here to help you cut through the wide array of possibilities to find the proper look and the best archival solution for your project.

Matting and Mounting:

Mats are not only aesthetic, they are used to hold the art securely in place, to keep it from touching the glass or plexi, and to prevent art contacting with acidic woods. We use a wide variety of Museum Board made from 100% cotton rag, or alpha cellulose. Your art deserves the highest quality matting and mounting materials made today. Conservators have generally discounted the artificial aging tests currently in use, additional research will be necessary before a procedure can be established to accurately predict the effects of aging on paper. We do know that the papers that have survived the true test of time, throughout the centuries, are 'Rag' or cotton-fiber papers, since cotton is naturally acid free and lignin-free.

We use acid-free paper, linen, and rice paper (Japanese) hinges to hold the artwork to the substrate backing board. We also apply mylar corner pockets to secure some paper works. Our goal is to be as reversible or re-usable and non-invasive as possible. All artwork of value should be mounted using a reversible method. Spray adhesives and tape can ruin artwork in a short span of time. Some open-edition prints on paper are 'mountable' in a more presentation/permanent fashion; for these we use either a heat-based system, or a pressure sensitive method.

Artcare Archival System: When you fall in love with a piece of art or a photograph, you want to protect it from the dulling and damaging effects of time and pollutants in our environment. For you there is no more secure framing choice than the Artcare Archival System. Artcare mounting products are used by museums and framers around the world to ensure the brightest future for their priceless artwork. These framing materials create a protective environment for your treasured piece, shielding it against invisible pollutants that cause artwork to fade and photographs to turn yellow, and both to deteriorate. With Artcare protection, your art and memorabilia will be safe and sound for generations to come.

With Artcare, we offer our customers matting and mounting products that are the next generation in museum-quality conservation. For the first time in history, conservation framing has moved from the passive protection of the past— which, simply, does no harm—to the active protection of the future: Artcare proactively traps and neutralizes pollutants and acid by-products that can damage your artwork. This patented technology is engineered into the very fibers of Artcare products, and offers a level of conservation for treasured artwork. Your grandchildren will be thankful.

Glass and Plexi:

Museum Glass, Conservation Glass or UV Plexi should be used to prevent fading of the artwork, these options protect work from light damage. All works on paper are subject to fading and deterioration from ultraviolet and fluorescent light; pastels and watercolors are the most vulnerable. UV (Conservation) Plexi is highly impact resistant and offers security against the work being damaged by broken glass. It is also a good precaution in seismically active areas.

Also available are Museum Glass and Museum Plexi that are clear and anti-reflective. Unlike typical 'non-glare' glasses, which have a matte or 'sandblasted' look to the surface, which defuses the image, Museum Glass has no surface distortion. It is like high-defintion glass for your artwork.


Care for your Quality Frame:

To care for your Chico Paper Company frame we recommend using a soft, lint free cloth that is free of dyes or chemicals. Slightly dampen the cloth with water, do not use harsh or abrasive cleansers, and wipe the frame to keep it dust free. We do not recommend any type of conditioner or chemical to be placed on the frame. Simply dusting the frame, and cleaning it with a soft cloth should help keep your frame looking good for its expected life. Remember that our frames are made from wood and other natural materials, which can be affected by age, exposure to sun, heat, cold and humidity.

Eco-Friendly Frames:

Larson-Juhl, a leader in frame-moulding, has a history of making custom frames for over 100 years and has grown to 24 facilities across the United States and locations in 15 countries around the world. Just as a Larson-Juhl frame adds beauty to a work of art, so does Larson-Juhl as an organization strive to conserve beauty in the environment. The company is proud to have partnered with American Forests to establish the Larson-Juhl Global ReLeaf Forest Foundation, which assists with forest restoration and establishment around the world.

Neilsen Bainbridge/Nurre Caxton has proudly introduced 'EcoCare' - a line of moulding that's "easy on the eyes and the planet." All woods are harvested from managed forests...areas that are carefully monitored, controlled and grown using a host of modern, sustainable forestry techniques. An example is Durian, a fruit-bearing tree that has a productive life of six to eight years, whereupon it is harvested for Nurre Caxton's Sherwood and Blackwood custom moulding lines. The forests are then replanted with the next generation. This assures our forests will continue to provide clean air and water, stunning scenery, home for wildlife and jobs. The colors of Sherwood and Blackwood are achieved with organic, water based stains. These stains allow for the beauty of the wood grain to show through. No oils and no chemical solvents are used. The packaging is made with recycled materials as well, ensuring that the entire process remains 'green' from start to finish. EcoCare gives your customers a choice they'll feel good about.

Chico Paper Company, is committed to a cleaner world. We offer a variety of Eco-friendly products and others like them to lessen our carbon footprint. In addition to our regular recycling program, we keep it local by donating all useable scrap materials to art teachers in schools in our immediate surrounding area.