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Halina Domanski
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Having worked in mixed media, I go through the process of overlapping and building up layers of color and varieties of texture. This gives me combinations of effects and allows for a wonderful sense of liberation, energy flow and accomplishment when I finish a painting.

What's happening here?’ is the question I want people to ask when looking at my artwork. Ideas that inspire my work have me asking that question as well. I respond to everyday stimuli, working largely in black, red, white and sometimes primaries. I use these colors because they are full of energy and power. The symbol of the ladder is for accomplishment, the wheels and circles are for action and movement. Artwork is like a dream supported by our interpretation. I have lots of passion and love for art. I enjoy what I create and I hope that you will enjoy it as well.

Halina Domamski moved to the U.S. from Poland in 1981. Having worked as a surgical nurse in Poland and now as a nurse in California, Halina’s desire has long been to be an artist.

To relieve stress from her profession, Halina goes into her studio and “let my built up constructive energy flow". “ I feel that from my past experiences, my dreams of becoming an artist are finally starting.”