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Carmel by the Sea

9 Color Serigrpah, Hand Pulled

19 3/4" W x 26 3/4" H

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“Carmel by the Sea” the 16th piece in my Highway 1 Series of original, hand-printed serigraphs. I think it’s fascinating how in and around Carmel, you can literally witness the transition between northern California and southern. It shows up in the geology, the trees, the plant life–even the ocean itself, and in the small area at Point Lobos, it’s particularly apparent. The cold, foggy, rugged north coast begins to soften, giving way to a warmer climate, less fog and soft, white sand beaches. Redwoods are replaced by cypress and palm trees. Even the color of the ocean brightens to an amazing turquoise, at times appearing almost tropical. I find it all to be quite remarkable and tried to show those elements with this piece. “Carmel by the Sea,” is a 9 color image and required about 2,000 hand-pulled impressions to complete. ~ Jake