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Brown's Hole Upper Brown's Hole Area Devil's Kitchen - Bidwell Park Winter Wonder - Upper Bidwell Park Bear Hole - Winter Flow
John Peters
Salmon Hole Spring Baby Grand - Winter   Winter Flow - Upper Bidwell Park After the Storm
Red Rim - Bidwell Park Atop Bear Hole Cliffs 3rd St Water Towers Oaks in the Spring Grass Out West
One Mile - Fall Evening Fall - Bidwell Park One Mile - Fish Ladder Salmon Hole - Evening One Mile Midnight
Fall's Approach Big Chico Creek Canyon - Upper Bidwell Park Devil's Kitchen from Atop the Bear Hole A View from Hwy 32 Upper Bidwell
Great Blue Late Summer Sun November - Bidwell Park Poppies in the Sun Wood Ducks

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One stormy winter day atop the Bear Hole cliffs, I came upon the idea of doing a photographic project on Bidwell Park. Growing up in Chico, I spent a great deal of time in the park over the years, so it had become a place I knew quite well. I began by revisiting many of the areas I'd explored over the years, searching for the right view, and lighting. As my interest in photography grew I became completely dedicated, spending the next 4 years and over 15,000 shots covering every season, in evey type of weather, traversing the captivating and unique geology the canyon offers. ~ John Peters