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Chico Paper Company is a privately owned, commercial gallery committed to supporting local artists. We show original, high quality fine art that our customers can enjoy at competitive prices. We love looking at new art, if you are interested in being considered for representation, we encourage you to visit the gallery to get a sense of our pricing and the type of works we display. In addition, we would like all prospective artists to call (530) 891-0900 and make an appointment for your portfolio to be reviewed.

Please include the following in your artist’s portfolio:
1) Ten to fifteen photographs (no slides please) of available work. Your photos should be of good quality since our initial judgment of your work will be based on whatever we see in your portfolio. At least 80% of your images need to have been created within the last 2 years.
2) Artist Statement about your work.
3) Artist biography.
4) Contact information.
5) Cover letter (this should include any gallery affiliations and a list of any exhibition commitments you have over the next year).
6) General sales record and retail pricing information (this should be consistent with any shows or other sales events you have participated in during the last year)

Bring all of the above to your appointment. After a brief interview, your portfolio will be evaluated for quality, originality, and sales potential. If your work is selected for further review, we will arrange an appointment to see original artwork. Every submission will be given our serious consideration. Thank you for your interest.